Upgrading or Downsizing


Looking to upgrade to a larger home can be a costly and daunting experience.


Take the emotion and stress out of buying your next dream home, and allow Astute Buyers Advocates to provide you with the professional advantage.


Downsizing is something that many home buyers put off, as they are confused about where to buy, and the process of downsizing from their family home to a villa, unit or townhouse. Our expert team are here to take out the legwork and guesswork to facilitate a smooth transition into a home that you will enjoy throughout your golden years. 


Strategic planning and being well informed from the outset alleviates any rash decisions and protects you from making costly mistakes. 

How Do We Work?

We can arrange an over the phone consultation or a face-to-face meeting. We will listen and ask questions to property understand your property needs. We will then present you with a proposal. Click here to book in. 

1. Free no-obligation consultation

2. Property Search

After deciding to engage our services, we will begin your property search. You will be updated regularly by us. We can arrange inspections on your behalf if you cannot make it as well as arrange inspections together. We often have access to Off Market Opportunities. Click here to learn more about Off Market.

3. Investigate

This is where our experience and expertise come in most handy! We will never let you purchase Real Estate that has not been completely, well & truly investigated into. There can be many hidden problems and obstacles when purchasing Real Estate. It is our job to help you navigate through them smoothly. 

4. Negotiate & Secure

Our 50 years of combined experience buying and selling Real Estate will ensure we secure you the right property at the right price. As licensed Auctioneers, we also know what it is like to sell property, therefore we have an upper hand on the negotiation process.