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What suburb has just been ranked The Best Suburb to Live in Melbourne?

Bridge Road Richmond

There's always been a fun rivalry between Melbourne & Sydney. A competition for the better city. Today Sydney can step aside, we are now focused on Melbourne and Melbourne only! And which suburb is the best! Do you live there? Did you used to live there? Do you wish you lived there?

If you've been hiding away all day, you might have missed the news...

Drum roll please...

The winner is...


This conclusion is according to the inaugural CityPulse report, by PwC. The report focused and analysed data on topics including education, health services, ages and child care, housing rents and mortgages, property prices, crime rates, and more, to rank the neighbourhoods around the city.

There were three ranking index's: work, live and play.

Best Suburbs to Live

1. Richmond 2. Hawthorn East 3. Hawthorn

Best Suburbs to Play

1. Melbourne City Centre 2. St. Kilda 3. East Melbourne

Best Suburbs to Work 1. Docklands 2. Melbourne City Centre 3. Southbank

You can see the full lists and article written by the Herald Sun here.

So then... you're thinking of moving to Richmond?...

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