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High demand for property in Melbourne suburbs

A list of Australia's top 10 most in demand suburbs was made by realestate.com.au for their most recent Property Outlook report. According to this report more than half of those suburbs were located in Melbourne!

The #1 ranking has been held onto by Melbourne's north-east suburb of Warrandyte. Located on the banks of the Yarra (Birrarung) , surrounded by National Park, it's no surprise that Warrandyte holds the #1 ranking for the most in demand suburbs in Australia.

The median house price for a 3 bedroom home in Warrandyte is $1,081,000.

Source: realestate.com.au

The demand for property in Ballarat has also grown over 60%. Could this demand be a reaction to the fact that Melbourne's housing prices have skyrocketed while the average wage hasn't? Are Melbournians seeking more affordable homes in regional cities?

Here's the full list! Interestingly, it's just Victorian & Tasmanian suburbs that make The Top 10 Most in Demand Suburbs!

1. Warrandyte, Victoria

2. Bellerive, Tasmania

3. South Hobart, Tasmania

4. Eltham, Victoria

5. Battery Point, Tasmania

6. Hobart, Tasmania

7. Middle Park, Victoria

8. Albert Park, Victoria

9. West Hobart, Tasmania

10. Eltham North, Victoria

It seems it is becoming harder and harder to buy in Melbourne. But it's not impossible!! Especially if you have a professional by your side. We can help you navigate the way, while saving you money in the process.

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