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Family Home Auction: Bridges Street, Glen Iris #AstuteInspected

The Home

The Astute Buyers Advocates team was all over Melbourne on Saturday! A few of us were in Glen Iris. We visited the auction of a beautiful family home in Bridges Street, listed by Jellis Craig.

The home was even more than beautiful. It was grand, spectacular and unforgettable.

This five bedroom property was spacious and contemporary. The well thought out design puts every single space to good use. The home boasts a gorgeous infinity pool, in a gentle & tranquil backyard paradise, designed by Linton La Fontaine.

The downstairs family area was vast, with high ceilings. The open planed living space was very impressive. All the finishes and appliances were top notch.

Upstairs, the landing between the bedrooms was cleverly used as a study/retreat.

Just when we thought this house had it all, we continued to venture downstairs into the basement to find a gym/cinema! What a bonus!

So what is it worth!?

The indicative selling price of this grand home was between $2,700,000 - $2,900,000.

The median sale price for a 5 bedroom home in Glen Iris is currently $1,955,000.

We made an Astute estimate of $3,000,000.

The Auction

It was a hot day in Melbourne on Saturday. We had no idea how long we'd be standing in the heat for. There were 90+ people in the crowd! So much interest around an amazing property. We were ready to see many bidders fight it out.

To our surprise there were just 2 bidders, and the auction lasted for 40 minutes!

The opening bid was made by a couple to our right for $2.6 million. The auctioneer put in a vendor bid of $2.75 million. Interestingly, the same couple bid again against the vendor for $2.75 million.

The next bid was made by a new couple with their daughter to our left for $2.8 million.

After 40 minutes and 73 bids back and forth between couples, the house was sold to those on our left for $3,014,000.


Click here for the video from the auction.

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Here's the other auction we attended in Glen Iris on Saturday!

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