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Do I need a buyer’s agent to purchase a property?

Buying a new family home or investment property is one of the most important decisions you might make in life. It can be stressful, time consuming, and expensive. But is a buyer’s agent really going to help? And won’t they just cost loads of money?

Buying a property is one of the largest financial decisions you will ever make. Making costly mistakes is sadly too common. So why wouldn’t you want to have a professional by your side to handle the whole process?

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The number one concern most people have with a buyer’s agent are the fees. Well we can wipe that frown straight off your face – here at Astute Buyers Advocates, we have proved time and time again that we can save our clients our fees on their purchase many times over! Over 17 years we have continued to save our first home buyers an average of $30,000 when purchasing their first homes… yes we said $30,000!!!

What is a buyer’s agent/advocate?

A buyer’s agent or advocate in a licensed professional who acts exclusively for a home buyer or investor in assisting them to buy property. Unlike a real estate agent who represents the interests of the seller, a buyer’s agent look after the interests of the buyer alone.

True buyer’s agents provide impartial and unbiased advice throughout the process of:

  • Searching, locating, researching, negotiating & acquiring homes or investment properties

  • Providing independent pre-purchase market valuations

  • Bidding at auction with ‘know-how’ and professionalism

Main advantages of using a buyer’s agent:

  • Time saved

  • Stress saved

  • Money saved

  • Common costly mistakes avoided

  • Access to off-market properties

  • Their industry knowledge will guarantee you won’t buy the wrong property

  • …and you will learn from professionals during the process!

What to look for when choosing a buyers advocate?

  • Ensure that the buyers advocate has no affiliations with real estate agents or developers. (Here at Astute Buyers Advocates, we have absolutely no affiliations with any agents or developers, and our recommendations and advice are totally impartial and unbiased).

  • Look for a buyers advocate that offers different levels of services to best tailor your specific needs

  • Make sure your buyer’s agent has the right team behind them. Buyer’s agents should work with trusted industry professionals, including conveyances, property law solicitors, mortgage brokers, building and pest inspectors, accountants, tradespeople and more.

  • Seek a buyer’s agent that is passionate about what they do. You can tell if a buyer’s agent is passionate by a quick phone call, or a meeting!

  • Find a buyer’s agent that has a strong belief and guarantee. (Here at Astute Buyers Advocates, we guarantee all our services. If you feel like we haven’t saved you money, time or stress throughout the process, we will gladly refund your engagement fee.)

  • And of course, make sure they are licensed buyer’s agents!

So the question still stands, “Do I need a buyer’s agent to purchase a property?”

We’ll leave that up to you to decide.

Click the image below to read just a few of our testimonials from clients!

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