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Did the weather put off todays buyers in South Melbourne?

South Melbourne Houses

Just a regular Autumn day in Melbourne for you. 11mm of rain before 2pm in most suburbs. 60km winds. And sunshine in the afternoon!

No biggie.

We wonder if this had any affect on auctions in Melbourne today?!

We visited 2 in South Melbourne, which were both passed in. The auctioneers battled the wet weather and wind. Umbrellas were inside out and flying around everywhere! One auction was held inside a small apartment living area with viewers cramped up and down the stairs.

Some may argue that the auctioneers had distracting conditions to work with today and couldn't do their best work. Although past studies show a weak correlation between the weather and auction results in Melbourne.

Who knows if it does or does not have an affect. All I know is I was certainly distracted while I stood in the rain and tried to hold on desperately to my broken umbrella before it flew off into the crowd.

Check out the links below to see the results of these 2 auctions as well as what they ranked on our Astute Inspection Score.

Auction Results

(Click on the picture to see the auction results & Astute Inspection Score)

Coventry Place Auction
Wilson Street Auction

Auctions are tricky business! Theres a lot of psychology behind the buyers, agents & vendors. As professional Buyers Advocates, we are trained to know this psychology and use it to our advantage.

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