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Auction: Wilson Street, South Melbourne #AstuteInspected

Wilson Street, South Melbourne

A wonderful 2 bedroom, 2 bathroom light filled apartment in the heart of South Melbourne. In our eyes, a great investment opportunity!

Last sold in 2000, for $300,000.

Living Room

The Auction

There were 25+ people crammed into the gorgeous, yet narrow, living space of 3 Wilson Street today. While it poured and poured outside, that did not stop the interested parties.

After shouting like usual, the auctioneer soon practiced his more quiet 'inside voice' for the crowd.

The opening bid was a vendors bid at $910,000. There were just 2 bidders after that. It was passed in, for bidder number 2 at $960,000.

The bidder stayed to negotiate, while the crowd returned to the rain.

Astute Inspection Score

This property received an Astute Inspection score of 91 making it an A Grade property.

(Click here to find out more about how we calculate our Astute Inspection score)

Astute Inspection Score

Auctions are tricky business! Theres a lot of psychology behind the buyers, agents & vendors. As professional Buyers Advocates, we are trained to know this psychology and use it to our advantage.

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