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Auction: Coventry Place, South Melbourne #AstuteInspected

Coventry Place, South Melbourne

A home full of character and potential. We loved how this property had been updated for functional use, but many of its gorgeous original features have been kept.

This property was last sold in.... wait for it.... 1976! For just $23.3k!

Indeed this property is a rare find - most owners are holding onto these types of properties located in the same area.


The Auction

There was a crowd of around 30 people waiting in the wind before the auction. At the exact moment the auctioneer put in the opening vendor bid, the heavens opened! Everyone began scrambling around for their umbrellas, some people left in a hurry.

There was 1 bidder at this auction. It was passed in for $1,010,000. The bidder was taken inside to negotiate.

Astute Inspection Score

This property received an Astute Inspection Score of 83 which makes it an A grade property.

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Astute Inspection Score - A Grade

Auctions are tricky business! Theres a lot of psychology behind the buyers, agents & vendors. As professional Buyers Advocates, we are trained to know this psychology and use it to our advantage.

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