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David: following a wave of grassroots climate action from people like you, I’ve just heard that the Australian Parliament could vote today on whether to declare a national climate emergency.

Can you help pile on the pressure to get this over the line? Sign the petition now.

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Hi David,

I’ve just received word about something big. Very soon, the Australian Parliament will vote on whether to declare a national climate emergency. The motion will be backed by Former Liberal Party leader John Hewson and members of the crossbench.

Make no mistake - that this is even being talked about at this level, and across the parties, is a marker of how far we’ve come as a movement. And that this comes as homes and lives are again at risk from bushfires burning out of control is no coincidence. The climate emergency has become too big to ignore.

If successful, Australia will join over 990 jurisdictions in 18 countries representing 212 million citizens who have formally acknowledged the climate emergency, including the UK and Canada, as well as the cities of Sydney, Melbourne, London, Paris, and New York.

Meanwhile, we have a government that continues to prop up climate-wrecking coal corporations and presides over rising carbon emissions. Just yesterday Natural Disasters Minister David Littleproud was quoted as saying that he ‘didn’t know whether climate change was man-made’. This failure to take climate change seriously is a slap in the face to the Australian communities driving climate action and those on the frontlines of climate chaos. We deserve better and that opportunity is now.

David: Australians overwhelmingly agree that the climate emergency is the number one threat to our nation. [1] The tide of popular opinion has already turned. Now we need to make our voices so loud that they can no longer be ignored.

This is an existential emergency that requires emergency action. Here’s what you can do to help:

Sign our open letter demanding that the Australian Government declare a climate emergency and take a powerful first step to climate action.


Hit the streets! The Global Climate Strike is coming up on September 20. It’s going to be HUGE, with 80 strikes in Australia alone. As well as coming along to demonstrate the power of our movement, there are heaps of things you can do. Get involved now.


We’ve come a long way, David. Since the election, we’ve seen something special happening. From Kingborough in Tassie to Wagga Wagga, to Darwin, Hobart and Adelaide: the wave of councils, towns and cities declaring climate emergencies has grown by the day.

Did you know that last month there were more climate emergency declarations - driven by grassroots community campaigners - in Australia than anywhere else on the planet? [2] That’s incredible, and a testament to the unprecedented surge of people from all walks of life realising that we can’t leave this to the politicians, that we must do what it takes to fight for a safe climate.

I’m sure you’ve read the news this week, David. Maybe, like us, you’ve watched in horror as reports filter through of dozens of bushfires burning out of control across our country. But while these events are hard to watch, they’re all-too-familiar and all-too-predictable. Climate change in Australia means that bushfires are starting earlier, lasting longer, and are more extreme.

The combination of record drought has combined with a record warm winter to create the tinderbox conditions for this year's fire season. I don’t know about you David, but knowing that all this is preventable, that we have the knowledge and tools to change the picture, makes me angry.

Here’s what you can do to make a difference, David:

There are so many reasons to be optimistic about our future. Everywhere we look we see ordinary Australians are stepping up and showing real climate leadership. And in spite of the Coalition, renewables are booming!

Today is a real milestone - the first time our Parliament has debated whether to formally acknowledge the severity of our situation and the popular appetite for action. We’re winning. Let’s keep going.

For a safer future,

Max and the team at Greenpeace Australia Pacific

P.S. We know that burning coal for power is Australia's number one contributor to global warming. It intensifies dangerous and extreme weather events like floods, heat-waves, droughts, bushfires and cyclones. Sign the petition now.

[1] https://www.theguardian.com/australia-news/2019/may/08/australians-overwhelmingly-agree-climate-emergency-is-the-nations-number-one-threat [2]


Greenpeace Australia Pacific GPO Box 2622 Sydney, NSW, 2001

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