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Auction: Tandara Court, Black Rock #AstuteInspected

Tandara Court

The Astute Buyers Advocate team explored Black Rock on the weekend. The last auction we attended was 4 Tandara Court, listed by Hocking Stuart.

The Home

This stunning Victorian Italianete is located at the end of the a quite court. The beautiful home is full of character. It includes a large sun-filled backyard that feels like a small oasis. A beautiful upstairs veranda nestled in the trees, where we were able to see a glimpse of Port Phillip Bay. And an added bonus Jacuzzi.

The property last sold in 2004 for $810,000. It now has an indicative selling price of $1,790,000 - $1,890,000.


The Auction

The opening bid was made almost instantly by bidder #1 at $1,825,000. The auctioneer moved things quickly after this, maybe in a hope to put pressure on the other interested parties. There were two other interested parties. And they were quick to bid thereafter.

Bidder #2 came in at $1,850,000. Followed shortly by bidder #3 with $1,875,000. The auction continued as follows:

Bidder #1: $1,900,000

Bidder #2: $1.935,000

Bidder #3: $1,950,000

Bidder #2: $1,960,000 Bidder #3: $1,980,000

The auctioneer had a short break with the vendors. There were no more bids after the break, and the property was sold to bidder #3 for $1,980,000.

Tandara Court Auction

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