Q: What is a buyers agent/advocate?

A buyers agent (also known as a buyers advocate), represents a buyer in the purchase of real estate. Their key roles are to save clients time, stress & money, by using their expertise to navigate through the complicated real estate territory. 

Q: Do I need a buyers agent/advocate?

This is of course up to the educated buyer to decide. By properly researching and investigating the benefits of hiring a buyers agent, enables a buyer to make a more informed decision. Here are a few reasons why a buyers agent is beneficial:

  • When searching for properties, buyers agents wont only work towards your requirements, but they will draw on their own experience to better your results. This will ensure that they save you money in the long run. This includes thoroughly knowing market insights and spotting red flags when searching and inspecting properties. 

  • Buyers agents who have worked in a city for a long time are usually well connected with industry professionals. This works to the buyers advantage when it comes to sourcing information about properties and negotiating prices. Industry connections also means that buyers agents have access to off-market listings that are not yet advertised. This puts the buyers who have professional help, one extra step in front of those who do not. 

  • Buyers agents will save you countless hours of searching and shortlisting when it comes to seeking properties to inspect. They will also know which properties are likely to be under quoted, or that are not worth inspecting. They know areas and property types that will provide capital growth and future financial security.

  • During an auction, buyers agents have confidence; they know the tactics of an auctioneer well and they have no emotional attachment to the property. This puts them in a great position for successful bidding. They are also professionally trained and experienced when it comes to post auction negotiations, which is extremely prevalent in today's auctions. 

  • The main benefit of a buyers agent, is that you can rest assured that you have made the right decision for your future. When you are spending that much money on a property, the real question is 'why wouldn't you get expert advice?'

Q: What does a buyers agent do for their clients?

A buyers agent, searches for properties, inspects properties, investigates deeply and negotiates prices. A buyers agent provides impartial advice to their clients throughout the property search. 

A buyers agent can also be hired to bid at a property that has already be sourced by their clients. Enquire today about our auction bidding services, here. 

Q: What are the fees of a buyers agent/advocate?

Fees can vary depending on the services provided. Buyers Advocate services fees can range from 1-2% of purchase price. Straight up auction bidding services are usually fixed rates. For more information on fees, we are happy to explain in more detail during our free no obligation consultation.

Q: Why should I use Astute Buyers Advocates?

Astute Buyers Advocates are passionate about empowering home buyers with the experience and expertise they have themselves, to give our clients confidence in the real estate industry.

We have over 50 years of combined experience buying properties for our clients, focused in Melbourne, but also all around Australia.

Our director, David Melatti, is also a licensed auctioneer himself. Therefore he has great knowledge of the psychology and tactics behind auction day and negotiate processes. By having experience on both sides, puts us in great advantage for our clients. 

Astute Buyers Advocates is a family run business. We care very much about our clients and their families, and getting the best results for all of them. 

Q: What is the process of your services?

To begin, we offer a free no-obligation consultation to first discuss your property needs and how we can help you.

After our consultation, we will email you a proposal that we have tailored to your requirements. This will include a break down of fees, as well as further information about our company and past clients. 

Once you have decided to engage our services, and all relevant documents are signed by both parties, we will begin the search process!

During the search process you will be updated regularly by us. We will inspect properties together, and inspect properties on your behalf that you are unable to attend. We will use our extensive network to find any off-market opportunities that match your requirements. 

We will investigate thoroughly any properties you are interested in pursing. We will navigate through any obstacles and ensure we save you money in the process. 


We then negotiate and secure your dream property! With our experience and expertise, you will never pay too much for real estate when you have our professional support.

Q: How do I sign up with Astute Buyers Advocates?

You can call us, or email us today! And we can arrange a consultation, whether that be in person, or over the phone, which ever suits you!

p: 1300 736 638

e: email@astutebuyersadvocates.com.au

Q: Does Astute Buyers Advocates also manage investment properties?

We're so glad you asked! Yes, we do!

Visit our property management division, Smart Property Manager, for more details. Or email admin@smartpropertymanager.com.au to enquire.