Astute Inspection Score


Every weekend we are out inspecting properties in Melbourne! We rate these properties from A Grade - C Grade using the  Astute Inspection Score, and publish the results on our blog.


We use a points system to calculate the score. Each category is scored out of 10, 20 or 30. We add up the points and, voi la, Astute Inspection Score calculated! Here’s a basic rundown of what we’re looking at when we're #AstuteInspecting!

Location/Lifestyle (30 points)
The location and lifestyle score is made by in depth research about the suburb where the property is located. The lifestyle the suburb provides, the security, the community and the amenities.

Capital Growth (20 points)
Here we do a bit of historical research! We score this section based on the increase in value of the property overtime.

Rentability/Liveability (10 points)
Depending on the type of property and what kind of buyers it is more likely to attract, we score the property for rentability or liveability. Rentability is how well we estimate the property to rent. Liveability score takes into account the layout of the property and the estimated ease of living.

Walkability (10 points)
Walkability refers to how ‘walkable’ it is from the property to local amenities.

Internal Condition (10 points)
We give a score on the internal condition of the property, including finishes & appliances.

External Condition (10 points)
We give a score on the external condition of the property, including finishes, garden & landscape.

Street Appeal (10 points)
When judging the street appeal we’re looking deeply into every aspect of the home from the street, as well as what surrounds the property.

TOTAL: 100

Buyers Advocate Melbourne

A Grade – 80-100 (Bullseye!)
B Grade – 70-79
C Grade – 50-69